UPDATE: SB212 – relative to the Honor and Remember Flag as an official symbol to recognize and honor fallen members of the armed forces

The first hearing was held on the morning of February 12th with the Senate Public and Municipal Affairs Committee.   There were 12 that came in support and/or speak on behalf of SB212.  Three spoke against the bill – 1 Representative and 2 from the State Veterans Advisory Committee (SVAC).
The hearing lasted over 2 hours.  Senator Boutin asked the members if they would like to vote on SB212 before we departed.  They all voted in support !
Another opportunity to support would be to contact you State Senator and Representative and ask for their support of SB212.
The next hearing will be with the House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs.  We will post the hearing date/time when available.  We will ask you to please take the time that day and attend this important hearing.
Thank you for your continued support!!!   May 2014 be the year that NH adopts the Honor and Remember Flag.
Honor and Remember Flag

The NH Chapter of Honor and Remember is in need of your support for SB212

The NH Chapter of Honor and Remember is in need of your support to have 2014 be the year that the Honor and Remember Flag is adopted here in New Hampshire.

Senator David Boutin sponsored, along with many others, SB212. We are grateful for Senator Boutin and the other Senators and Reps that stand in support of SB212. As some of you know, the past two attempts have been unsuccessful in the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Committee.

The reason that it has not passed is from misinformation. We addressed the misinformation about the Honor and Remember Flag replacing the American Flag, and other objections have been corrected.

We do not know the reasons behind the objections and we realize that not everyone will like all things, but it grieves us to see such disrespect for our Fallen, their families, friends and other Veterans and organizations that have shown support of the Honor and Remember Flag.

We  have attached the SB212 and ask that you contact your State Senators and Representatives with a note asking them to support SB212.  We have many petitions that have been signed and letters of support that have been submitted, but we need you to come to the hearings…it is only with you there and your voices that the Honor and Remember Flag will be adopted.

Please go to http://www.honorandremember.org for additional information. Together we can see NH become the 18th State to adopt the flag!!!


To Honor is to Remember….

Honor and Remember Flag



Follow us by city and county as the Honor and Remember Flag
is recognized throughout the state!